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A  Millionaire'$  $ecret  (low risk)
Inve$tment  $trategy

Limited Edition... sold out!

The first book by Investment Manager Steve Selengut. This short work outlines the strategy later developed in depth in:  The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book That Wall Street DOES NOT Want YOU to Read, now in it's 2nd Edition.
A Millionaire's Secret Investment Strategy, by Steven R. Selengut, is an Investment Book written by a professional investment manager who became a stock market aficionado years before he began managing other people's investments. The book unveils a step-by-step Investment Portfolio Asset Allocation Model that is a time tested formula for low risk investment success in the stock market . Without gimmicks, complicated programs, or guarantees of instant fortune, the book teaches real world asset allocation and investment principals as it explains an easy to apply formula for selecting stocks and for selling them profitably. The book introduces the Author's unique Working Capital Model approach to objective based portfolio performance evaluation and provides numerous insights into the workings of Wall Street. The investment tools needed for success are explained and the rules required for Greed Control are documented.
A Millionaire's Secret Investment Strategy may still be available at Amazon.com, either new or used. But it exists in its entirety within The Brainwashing of the American Investor, a greatly expanded version that is available everywhere.

About the Author

Steve Selengut has been in the Investment Management Business since 1979, through Sanco Services, Inc., an International company he owns and manages. His career as an investor started in 1970, at age 25. He developed the unique Working Capital Model for Asset Allocation Management then (decades before the concept became popular) and still uses it today to manage  over Seventy Million Dollars for more than 130 individuals and businesses.

Before his 34th birthday, he retired from his full time management position in the Pension Investment Department of a major New York Life Insurance company to pursue his new career. He was able to start fresh, build a new home, and keep both children in private schools strictly on the income produced by his investment portfolio!

Mr. Selengut has been interviewed frequently by The Wall Street Transcript (most recently in January, 2003 as a result of his  achievements during the "Dot.com Bear Market"). 

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