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As more people choose to manage their own investments without professional advice, their buying/selling strategies can produce investment portfolios with asset allocations that are either inappropriate or dangerous. Similarly, the simplicity of investing the old fashioned way has been obscured by the seemingly limitless variety of packaged Investment Products with their One-Size-Fits-All Investment and Speculation ideas.

It is certainly difficult, but well worth the time spent searching, to find investment advisors who are interested in constructing properly diversified, high quality portfolios, comprised solely of stocks and bonds. Individual security recommendations are becoming rare for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the modern need for instant gratification on the part of investors, and the fear of lawsuits and liability problems for advisors. Additionally, most investors are either convinced that Mutual Funds are the safest investment medium, or required to use them in their employer sponsored retirement programs.  

The popularity of the various types of Mutual Funds, Index ETFs, etc. is also the result of investor perceptions of investment costs... confirmation notice commissions and fees may be considerably less in the long run, but they are far more visible. 

From the business, or salesperson's vantage point, Mutual Funds also involve less liability, less work, and produce more money than investing in individual securities.  

You never outgrow your need for education, and unless you learn just how much you really can't know, the risk of making serious mistakes is compounded with every decision. It is important to find a source of constructive and unbiased information so that you will be able to advise yourself intelligently. 

Sanco Services offers two services that help the individual investor zero in on such important investment concepts as Portfolio Design and Asset Allocation Planning, Diversification, Risk Control, and Income Production.


If you are just beginning your investing adventure, the place to go for the basics is the Investment Management Clinic provided in The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book that Wall Street does not Want YOU to Read. 

This is not a sales pitch or a gimmick provider. It's straight talk on the intricacies of the Investment Markets, woven together with the real life experiences of an Investment Manager, and a tutorial on how to use the real time investment environment to your advantage. You'll still be on your own, but with much more of the  background information you need.


If you have a portfolio of your own creation, whether or not you are pleased with its design or performance, it is wise to have a periodic content analysis. Investment Manager Steve Selengut will provide you with a professional portfolio examination and analysis that focuses on these key elements:

  • The fundamental QUALITY of the securities in the portfolio. Are they Investment Grade?
  • The DIVERSIFICATION of the portfolio. What is the exposure in any one area?
  • The INCOME GENERATION from the portfolio. Is it adequate and growing?
  • The appropriateness of the portfolio's ASSET ALLOCATION. Is it goal orientated?
A detailed analysis, specific as to the content of the existing portfolio, but general in recommendations for action is provided. Fees are:
  • $175.00 per hour, ending with a verbally presented report.
  • $175.00 per hour for review and analysis, plus $325.00 per hour spent in preparing a written report, including email reports. 

One hour must be paid for in advance, PayPal to: sanserve (at) aol.com. 

Few verbal analyses have ever taken more than two hours.

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