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We can help you determine an appropriate Asset Allocation for your portfolio(s).  

Sanco Services is an investment portfolio management and consulting firm specializing in asset allocation, portfolio design, and retirement income generation. CEO Steve Selengut is a professional investor and full time consultant to an independent brokerage firm. He serves clients throughout the United States, and has been a professional investment manager since the 1970s.

Steve, quite literally wrote the book on investing... the purpose of this website is to promote his books, articles, and unique approach to investment management. Steve is the developer of the "Working Capital Model", "Market Cycle Investment Management", and the "Investment Grade Value Stock" universe.

If you want to learn about old school, common sense investing techniques, please visit the websites linked to above, read Steve's book and articles, join his private mailing list and connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook...

You can minimize your portfolio risk level if you:

  • Only buy NYSE Investment Grade Value Stocks

  • Diversify conservatively within Asset Allocation buckets

  • Insist on income from all securities purchased

  • Never use margin debt as a strategy 

We believe that Market Cycle Investment Management is much more reality-based than most other investment strategies.

Sanco Services is neither an SEC or a state Registered Investment Advisor. It sells no investment products of any kind and is not involved in financial planning activities. None of the comments on any page of this website are intended to be predictions or guarantees of anything at all. Anything presented throughout this website is simply the opinion of Steve Selengut and should not be construed as anything else.

At Sanco Services, we believe that "Retirement Readiness" is achieved when you can make these statements:

"Neither stock market volatility nor rising interest rates are likely to have a negative impact on my retirement income. In fact, it is likely that I will be able to grow my income better during either scenario."

We try to keep your performance expectations in line with market, interest, and economic cycle realities.

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