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“The Best Investment Book I’ve Ever Read!”

Jim Dexter, Host, "The Jim Dexter Show" (09/15/03)

Dynamite book! It's about time someone told the truth about the Wall Street casinos! 

The Most Recent Reviews

Investors Review Their Best Investment Book - January, 2009

I knew as soon as I read your note, ”A profit is a terrible thing to waste,” that I was going to like what you have to say... your book has given me new market insight. [It] brought it all together in a way that really makes sense from a risk point of view. I have slowly started to add stocks based on your philosophy. (John B, Florida, 06/03/06)

"No other book has done a better job at putting investors on notice that there are blood-thirsty sharks on Wall Street. Featuring one of those sharks dressed up in business attire, the cover picture alone is worth the money, not to mention all the practical techniques discussed within.

 We are already incorporating some of Steven's methods into our Graham-Buffett Value Investing Workshops."
- (Brian Zen, CFA, PhD, Chief Investment Counsel, Zenway.com Research, 08/10/05)

I have read your web site and recently read your book.  I enjoyed your perspectives and found it especially useful in navigating the financial advice industry. (J F, Michigan) 10/05)

I bought your e-book and I it's one of the best, most informative books on stock trading I've read. The rules you give are SO contradictory... a huge help. As I started reading I thought "this would only work in a bull market" until I realized you wrote it in the middle of the last bear market! Thanks for writing such a fine book.  I certainly intend to profit from it. (G M, Melbourne, Australia, 10/05)

I currently do fee only investment management. The working capital model looks to be my answer. Looking forward to great gains. (J B, CFP, 03/06)

I've been reading your book and have gone though  it twice now.  The part that hit me the most was the idea of buying stocks as products and putting them on the shelves to resell later at a higher price.  I've always been good at getting a bargain except in stocks. That one idea is going to help me greatly. (Gary M, 03/06)

I have read your book several times and find something new each time I read it. (Terry M, 03/06)

I really enjoyed the book and now listen to every financial seminar and financial talk radio show with a better trained ear.  I have also dumped some junk from my portfolio...(L R, Portland, OR, 08/28/05)

"I have finished reading the book and have started reading it over again.  I am filled with a sense of astonishment at the simplicity of the program. I had no problems following the equity side of the equation. I have read your fixed income stuff on your website and I am feeling better about it... just reading the book gives me a sense of peace.  Once again, Steve, I thank you very much for your book." (Eric T, NM 08/23/05)

... BTW, I find CNBC and the financial pages on the Internet pretty much of a waste of time now, having read your book and chat board ... I used to spend hours and hours on that stuff ... now I see how worthless it is (actually it's kind of funny to listen to them now) ... thanks for enlightening me ... (D F, IL, 08/09/05)

Thank you for your book. I'm one of the investment people you refer to (insurance and mutual funds only) and for the most part we're in agreement. I'm looking to you for insight into a side of Wall Street I know little about and you haven't let me down. Your comments on variable annuities are accurate...I stopped selling them years ago. It's all smoke and mirrors. You mention Money in Motion, quality-diversification-income. Boy are you right on target! (J B, NH, 03/05)

As I said when I called, I have have enjoyed several profitable trades using your system in a very short time. The [radio show] host's attribution of "somewhat satisfied" to me was entirely incorrect. I am in fact extremely satisfied with your approach. It seems to me to be the clearest way to make money in the market and keep it. Your methods present a sane, lifetime approach to trading that I only wish I had found 20 years ago. (M L, MA, 11/28/04)

I'm enjoying your book immensely, it will become my bible, I'm sure. Thanks. (George, MA, 08/23/04)

I read your book "The Brainwashing of the American Investor" and found your insight, candor, and detailed investment strategies incredibly engaging.  Coming from a marketing division of one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the country, I can relate first-hand to many of the issues you raise. Thanks for your insight! (M R, 06/23/04)

Thank you, thank you, for taking the time to share your wisdom and experience with us (the lay investors).  I have signed up for Merritt Information Strategies stock selection spreadsheet... (C N, Nipomo, CA, 08/04)

I recently discovered "The Brainwashing of the American Investor". This masterwork is essential reading for investors young and old.  It is delightful to see someone so candidly reveal what I have long suspected: "Those you trust for financial advice frequently aren't looking out for you!"  Steve's book is much more than a revelation of the workings of the financial community, there is great investment advice here.

I have been an investor for about ten years and with moderate success, using many different strategies: momentum stocks, CANSLIM cup and handle breakouts, flat bottom breakouts and  indeed, these usually work in a "good" market, when everything is going up.  My real success began when I learned to buy good companies while they were temporarily out of favor. This strategy does not require a "good" market, and volatility is a blessing.

Steve describes a similar strategy in his book. His investment model is complete.  He not only tells you where to find these stocks but when to buy them, how much to pay and most important of all, when to sell!  If you want your young adult children to be able to support you when you get old, BUY THEM THIS BOOK NOW!! (J J, Bakersfield, CA, 08/04)


Reviewed by: Lauren Bielski, Managing Editor, ABA Banking Journal, (December, '02)

Selengut does readers a service when, with careful examples, he stresses the notion that Wall Street firms don't have their best interests at heart. Examine the mechanics, prejudices, and tics of Wall Street.


Reviewed by: Allen I. Kraut, Ph.D., Professor of Management, Zicklin School of Business

It was a pleasure to read your book. This is a work that deserves a wide audience. The writing style is clear, and plainspoken. The book is refreshing in its astute and acid commentary on Wall Street. Investors would be wise to be aware of the tremendous "brainwashing" to which Wall Street subjects the public.

The book reflects the author's extensive knowledge of solid economics and the investment market. It challenges much of the conventional "wisdom" on investing.   The examples given make complex topics easy to understand. It quickly becomes clear that there are indeed dependable ways to manage one's assets safely and productively. This book shows people the value of disciplined trading and will make it easier for investors to achieve their long term goals.

From darkness to light! We were burned twenty five years ago by a Wall Street Brokerage firm whose initials used to be M L F S B. When the market was going up, $50,000 turned to $30,000.  Mr. Selengut's book is a cross you can hold up to "The Vampires of Wall Street". You can now make prudent investment decisions that you can control. C. W., Hot Springs, AR (04/04)

I read your book thoroughly last week. It was so tremendous that I had to reread some parts. I am now recommending it to my friends. It is obvious that a number of us will have to relearn about how the real Wall Street works and not buy into the propaganda. Your book will have a major impact on all of us. 

 I have not been this excited about a book since "The Wall Street Jungle" by Richard Ney. (Don G., 03/06/03)

Reviewed by: James A Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review,
(December, '02)

A realistic guide to what Wall Street tends to gloss over or conceal from the mainstream public when it comes to investments in stocks and bonds. The "real scoop" on annuities and unique insights and wisdom for investors of varying experience levels. Written for those whose portfolios have been so badly abused in the recent rash of corporate corruption scandals.

Reviewed by: Paul Britton, Producer, Michigan Television, (10/03/02)

I have read  "The Brainwashing of the American Investor".  As a producer for a PBS station, I found it to be unique and insightful.  I feel that it would be of great help to the people of America, receiving a crash course in the financial world of our capitalistic society.  It has caused to me to view our financial programs, i.e. Wall Street Week, with a different perspective.

Reviewed by: Stu Taylor, Host of "Equity Strategies" on "Business Talk Radio" and "Radio America" (09/18/02)

"Now and then a  book comes along that has a permanent place by the bedside. "The Brainwashing of the American Investor" is one of those books.  Selengut's masterpiece has unlimited value, and will help maximize your opportunity to secure the financial future for you and your loved ones without repeating the mistakes of the past."

I finished reading your book and found it fascinating.
Jan W, Savannah, GA (01/04)
Your book is the first thing I have ever read that makes investing make sense. J. Smith, NH (11/03) I bought the book last year...made $50,000 doing it like the book said...my CPA was not happy! J T, Grapevine, TX (02/11/04)

Reviewed by: Dr. Karen J. Frey, CPA, Chair, Department of Management, Gettysburg College, (10/30/02)

"The Brainwashing of the American Investor" is direct, hard-hitting and brutally honest...The title implies a strong message, and the book does not let the reader down. Once Steve Selengut debunks the notion that Wall Street is on your side, he tells you how to take control of your own investments. His strategy is easy to understand and takes the guesswork and emotion out of investing.

I found you investment philosophy and process to be sound, logical and refreshingly different from what appears to be "canned" advice from other investment advisers, either "independent" or aligned with major financial institutions.

I have read your book, 'The Brainwashing of the American Investor'. I am on my third reading through it. I love it! I am so excited about trying  out the system you describe!  Charles B (01/04)

I found your book while visiting a library this summer on vacation. I have read a number of books on investing, and this one makes the most sense to me...I would like to try your approach. Thanks for your message and ideas. D. G., Monterey, CA (08/20/03)

I have read this book several times through, taking notes as I read. I love the writing style. It certainly makes you think. I have to laugh at my own experiences with the different brokers I have dealt with over the years. Mr. Selengut's methodology makes good sense. It is one of those, "I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before" scenarios. Anon e-mail post. (02/10/04) 

Just finished reading your book and I loved it, especially the comments about accountants of which I happen to be one. I am interested in obtaining the "Starter Kit" you mentioned at the end of your book. Rob C, CA (4/29/04)
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful and very helpful book. I found a wealth of knowledge in it. P. G., Florida (10/27/03) After reading your book on investing, I haven't felt the need to read another. To your credit. Cheers. E. F., Wayland, MA (10/06/03) You make more sense than anyone I think I've ever heard, and I work in the investments division of my company. M. E., Scottsdale, AZ, (10/04/03)

Worked for me! (Mark S., Norwalk, CT, 01/26/03)

On April 29, 2002, having finished "The Brainwashing of the American Investor", I liquidated some mutual funds, and for the first time in my life purchased some individual stocks. Since then (one of the worst periods in the stock market since World War II) -- using nothing other than "Brainwashing" for guidance -- I've bought and sold 24 individual stocks profitably, increasing the value of my portfolio by 9.9%. My remaining mutual funds have plummeted. 

As the author makes clear, this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme; a cookbook approach to buying stocks that you can follow mindlessly on the way to a guaranteed retirement. He describes a strategy that will consistently generate profits, year in and year out, whether the market is on its way up or on its way back down.

I was skeptical at first, but now I'm extremely comfortable working with the author's method. I rarely spend more than 30 minutes per day on activities relating to the market. All I can say now is that, for me, everything the author predicted panned out and I'm way better off than if I'd left all my money in those mutual fund turkeys.

If you're not satisfied with how your portfolio has been doing, or if you simply want to get control over your own financial destiny, my suggestion is that you read "The Brainwashing of the American Investor", work with some seed money for six months to a year, and see what happens. As I say, it worked for me.

Steve Selengut really knows his stuff. Follow his system and watch your net worth GROW for a change! L J, Scottsdale AZ Hats off to Steve for a treasure load of info....definitely a 'small investment' for a much bigger payout down the road!     (08/04/03) Courage to go against the pack will make you a success!!!, S. M. from Virginia Beach, VA  July 15, 2003
Your book is great...gives me the edge that I need to
be successful in my goal to retire @ 55.Thanks for helping people keep their hard earned money" (S.Y., Los Angeles, CA, 09/25/03)

Reviewed by: Dr. Paul Adams, Professor Emeritus, Ramapo College, (10/28/02)

I read your book...found it original, provocative;  you have made a contribution.

I wish this book had been written fifty years ago. I am eighty-three years old and would have planned my investment life much differently B. B. Tewkesbury, MA (09/03/03)
Since I made my first stock purchase on April 24, 2002, as of today I've made 106 stock purchases and sold 86 of them, all except four at a profit.  Although its a little hard to calculate the profit percent because I've intermittently added more money to the account, it's somewhere in the range of 27% over the eighteen month period.  Considering that I made my first purchase near the beginning of what I've heard described as "the worst period for the stock market since WWII," and considering that before I'd read your book I had never purchased an individual stock in my life, I'd say that ain't bad. M. S. (11/04/03)

PLUS  MORE  5 out of 5 stars ratings at Amazon.com!

Hands down; right on the money! A reader from Mahwah, NJ, July 13, 2003

 What an eye opener...thanks! M. I., Merrimack, NH (08/29/03)

 finished your book.  I am impressed. ( Patricia, 03/12/03)

This book is one of the best this reader has attempted. Mr. Selengut’s casual approach, writing style and explanations provide a pleasant learning experience. Though written by an expert in his field, the author offers his experience and lessons in a way even a financial illiterate can understand. Money Management won’t be nearly so confusing to the everyday investor after they have finished this thorough study of the investment world and how to conquer it."

"This book explains guidelines and strategies, portfolios, funds, trading, diversification, day trading, and everything in between in a language and style that is both informative and understandable. How the average investor can minimize risks, the difference between stockbrokers and investment advisors… it’s all here, in one easy ‘tutorial’ if you will. What to watch for, how to protect your investments, and how to control it all." Reviewed by: Author/Writer, Denise M. Clark

Great book, great ideas.  Rich L, TMC, 01/24/03)

PS - the book was great!    anonymous, 10/15/02

BUY THIS BOOK...and read it ...until the message sinks in!

Reviewed By: T S, NAIC Chapter Board of Directors

"Received your book and had trouble putting it down. WOW, what an eye opener. I neglect, so often, to ask my financial advisor why he recommends certain investments. I used to follow blindly & sometimes still do. Thanks for your book. I hope NAIC is smart enough to use it. I think every member should read it." (01/30/03)

Reviewed By: J M, NAIC Chapter Board of Directors

"Received your book and read the first chapter. I suspected much of what you said but I needed to hear it from a professional. Thanks for opening my eyes." (02/17/03)


I finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! It flowed well and was easy to read (did not get technical). I am now re-reading to make sure I didn't miss any points on the fundamentals of following your investing strategy.
(Craig C., 03/12/03)
The Brainwashing of the American Investor is written in an exciting, enthusiastic, fast moving style that reads like a novel!

As a professional Real Estate investor with 40 years experience, I have advised many investors and have given them two pieces of advise that I saw in the book: "Why would you take advice from anyone who has no investments of his or her own?" and the very basic "Buy Low, Sell High." Clearly Steve understands the art of investing and writes about it in an interesting and entertaining way. If  I ever venture into the stock market, it will be with his book and his personal assistance.

L-O-N-G Overdue Investment Strategy Advice, Brian S. from Vancouver, BC Canada, July 15, 2003 Clearly in a world where many peddle gimmicks, you have developed a common sense approach.  Rob W, St Louis, 06/03 Great book Steve and thanks for not keeping it to your self. Bill R. Arroyo Grande, CA., (07/14/03)
While driving home very late one night in the winter of 2002, I heard Steve on a local a.m. radio talk show.  He seemed for "real". I special ordered The Brainwashing of the American Investor , read and re-read.  The book is entertaining, enlightening and effective. (Margaret, 06/06/03) The book has helped me see my investing philosophy in a different light. I believe this new thought process will help me be more consistent in my investing, nurturing, and money making of my portfolios. Long live "Quality", "Diversification", "Income".  Thank you again. (Richard M, 06/10/03)


Finally the truth! What an eye-opener to see how the markets, and the people behind the markets, have manipulated the average investor over the years. I have found Steve's book informative, clearly written, and an absolute must have, for all who desire knowledge on the markets we invest in. When people only have personal gain as a motive instead of your success you better beware! I highly recommend Steve and his book for your next financial read.
A. J. L., Ft. Pierce, FL, (July 13, 2003)
Thanks for "The Brainwashing of the American Investor". Great read, packed with a world of insightful information. Will certainly recommend to all my friends. (Jim G., Framingham, MA, 05/26/03)


Reviewed by: Charles S., VP, Bank of Japan, Philadelphia, PA.
(January, '03)

"Thank you for the copy of your new book; it's a great work! I'm halfway through it and am in the process of reprogramming my investment mentality and portfolio strategies. You're right on when it comes to Wall Street brainwashing Main Street...I'm a Mutual Funds victim myself...so your book is very good timing as I need to reconsider your very disciplined enrichment methods to make sure [we] reach our investment goals."

Reviewed by: Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz, MsFinancialSavvy.com, (10/07/02)

This book has the details investors need to understand the many nuances of the investment world...the information [women] need to choose the right investments and investment advisors.  This is a great book for the serious investor!

Written in a conversational style with plenty of humor, this book lays out a program for getting the best bang for your bucks, and gives an eye opening education on how the " Market " really works. I have purchased three books already and am purchasing five more to give to friends and relatives who want to salvage their portfolios from the "SHARKS" on Wall Street.

A must read to save your money from the " SHARKS".            (R. M., San Jose, CA, 07/13/03)

 L. S., East Hampton, NY, (January, '03)      I'm Making Money!

I started following the methodology in March 2002, just before the market collapse. I was able to minimize the damage because I had begun to diversify my holdings. Despite the market's implosion, I began to make money off stocks I purchased based on "strict criteria" found in the book. I was encouraged by the intelligence and logic behind the methodology. I started VERY slowly and carefully. To date, I have yet to make less than 10% on any stock I have sold. 

The book is a good read, as well as packed with what I would call Mr. Selengut's "intellectual capital."  It IS important to read the entire book, cover to cover, before you get started investing on your own. 

HIS SYSTEM WORKS !!!!!, webtextwriter2 from New York, New York, July 14, 2003
Great Book! Counter-brainwashing worked. (Alberto B., Italy, 03/19/03 Your book was very, very informative, and a useful tool. The smart way to investing was just made easy. (Frank, 05/22/03)
It was EASY for an investor to make money in the 90's. This book presents the problems facing an investor today. Like a "Dutch Uncle," Steve  Selengut explains today's market and shows you how to overcome the pitfalls. HOW to MAKE MONEY in a market where everyone around you is in a deep depression.

It does require one to THINK. To review all your holdings on a regular basis. To search out companies that have VALUE and income, NOT hype. The days of making it by blindly buying and holding mutuals are over. Study this book, follow Steve's advice and you will easily earn 20% a year. A simple plan, but not an easy one. (R. S., Greenville, SC, 07/13/03)

I have to say up front that your book is one of if not the most fascinating descriptions of how Wall Street and the large Financial  Institutions operate and how, along with huge Industrial Investors, they interact and control virtually every aspect of the products that are offered to Individual investors, including the media that should be unbiased in their dissemination of information to the investment world. J. K., Southboro, MA (12/26/03)

Reviewed By: Mark K. LL.B, CFP, FCSI; Toronto, Canada

"I'm an "investment advisor" in Canada and am enjoying your book. I have come to many of the same conclusions that you have - from the "inside" of Canada's largest brokerage house.  As a result I have already implemented with my own clients many of the ideas that you speak about, (03/06/03)

Mr. Selengut presents a realistic approach to investing.  He identifies how to achieve continued returns from high quality stocks and bonds.  He outlines basic criteria needed to make sound investments and sets realistic targets for profit.  A must read for all investors who want to take the profit." (S. B., Charleston, SC, 07/13/03) 

  Phil Gomez, Moon Township, PA (08/14/02)   Profit like a trader. Sleep like an investor.

This book is an expanded version of the author's first book, originally titled "A Millionaire's Secret Investment Strategy"; 30%  exposé and 70% technique!

It explains how the author made his million (in real dollars, not in market value) actually investing (not writing about investing, not by commissions, and not by salary from a mutual fund company). That background separates the author from about 99% of all other authors who write about the stock market.

It's an eye-opener,  a "why didn't I think of that?" kind of strategy. Basically, the idea is to run your portfolio the same way you would run a business. It's not a get-rich-quick plan. This strategy requires minimal analysis compared to many others. You focus on the essential measures of quality (and they are essential). The key is to maintain your plan during the slow times and reign in your greed during the boom times.

Reviewed by: Paul "the soaring" Siegel, Long Beach, CA
RANK = "8"

"This quotation sets the tone and the approach to this work. The first section presents the author's overall philosophy of investing. The second presents the steps to be followed. The third helps you evaluate progress. The fourth is a recapitulation, plus discussion of subjects previously missed."

"This is an excellent book for investors who want to increase their wealth in an intelligent, clear thinking, orderly manner. The author invites you to deal forthrightly with your emotions, shows how not to be brainwashed by Wall Street, and presents a simple but hard-working approach to becoming a successful investor."

"We need to educate the investing public about how they should interact with those who are conspiring to separate them from their money."

Two big lessons are:

  1. BEWARE OF WALL STREET - Over and over he discusses the traps, the schemes, the fraudulent activities of financial companies and individuals.
  2. BE DISCIPLINED - This is perhaps the most important message of all. If you develop a plan and rigorously follow the author's rules, it will help you avoid temptation and stick to your plan. As he puts it, don't be a "sheep" or a "shark". Don't let your emotions take over and you will succeed."

A review by: Carol Kohn, "E-Book Reviews Weekly", (07/06/02)

"The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The book that Wall Street Does Not Want you to Read!" by Steven R. Selengut is a fascinating, eye-opening book that comes at an interesting time in our financial history.

This no-nonsense, no holds barred, journey down Wall Street is a good companion during these uneasy times. It may not make you feel more comfortable about your relationship with the stock market, but you will certainly feel better prepared. When you buy, sell, hold; the tax vs. profit puzzlement; managing ignorance; and a chapter on everything else from No Load Mutual Funds to Zero Coupon Bonds. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a financial whiz kid to understand the lingo.

In a confident, direct voice, that gives the reader the feeling of sitting in a noisy lecture hall, Steve  Selengut guides his audience on walking tour of the money underworld while imparting direct, common sense skills for the investor, or are you a speculator? Whatever your relationship with your finances, "Brainwashing of the American Investor" will, if not change your perspective, certainly keep you thinking.

New Life Magazine, C. A. Jung (Sept-Oct 2002)

With growing uncertainties and the volatility of the stock market, the more knowledge one has the better.  The author says that every year Wall Street firms spend billions of dollars to brainwash American investors. “The purpose of this book is to teach you how to use the process to your advantage:  how to keep one step ahead of this manipulative beast; to use ‘them’ as surely as they try to use you.”  Basically, he says that Wall Street is trying to sell the investor something in order to make more money.  The smart investor can’t go by the averages like Dow Jones or Standard & Poors, as they are no longer valid guides to the nation’s economic direction. 

He sees Wall Street as the investment minefield and his book is to help you avoid being a victim.  Mr. Selengut, MBA, RIA, has spent twenty-two years in the Investment Management Business.  Covered are topics such as developing a stock worksheet; time management; buying/selling; performance evaluation; miscellaneous subjects such as interest rates, the use of margin, annuities, bonds and a myriad of other related topics that any investor should be aware of.  Anyone who has any dealing with the stock market should consider making an investment in this informative book.  

Magical Blend Magazine, Jenn House (Nov 2002 Issue)

"Using his 22 years of experience in the Investment Management Business, Steve Selengut imparts to the reader his powerful knowledge of the investment world. His energetic pieces on Wall Street, trading, "the Market", time and risk management, stability vs. volatility, and "tools and rules" engaged my interest and intellect. Overall, he pinpoints the truth of "American investment" with his electrifying views. This book would be great for anyone craving a revolutionary change in the business world, and with ideas like these, it could be sooner than we think."

A review by: Norm Goldman, "The Best Reviews"  (06/17/02) Rating: Very Good!

"There is no doubt that the present investment climate is far from great. With the Enron scandal and accounting irregularities, the average investor is running for cover. Is this the time to dump the stock market and place our money under our mattresses? Probably not and it is refreshing to read Steve Selengut’s investment primer entitled “The Brainwashing Of The American Investor,” where he provides us with a book that will show us how to manage our money in a more realistic and safe manner."

The initial chapters of the book expose how political, social and economic elements of Wall Street influence our investment decisions. By understanding this environment, we will be better equipped in making rewarding investments in an objective and focused manner. We are apprised of the brain washing of Wall Street financial firms and how they expend billions of dollars annually to entice the lowly investor to move his money from one product to another that in the end only enhance the coffers of the institution. The remainder of the book concerns itself with how to develop and manage a working equity portfolio.

Selengut is a seasoned money manager with over twenty-five years of experience and a shrewd understanding of investment realities. Much of his strategy is based on the following principles: the quality of the asset, diversification of your holdings, income derived from the asset, profit taking, discipline and careful planning. Apart from these elements, the author affirms that he is a trader as differentiated from someone who buys and holds. He is not a day trader, nor a speculator. As he states, “there is no such thing as a bad profit.” The key is not to be greedy. Once you sell there will always be other opportunities to reinvest and start all over again. Unfortunately, as the author points out, very often people are dissuaded from selling due to their falling in love with the stock, tax implications, brokerage fees and believing that the stock has not reached its full profit potential. The book’s abundance of good advice and information should prove to be extremely helpful in learning how to react to present day financial insecurities.

Reviewed by: Jason Starzec, Co-founder YourInvestmentClub.com

"In a refreshingly straight-forward approach to old-school investing, Mr. Selengut successfully outlines the current state of Wall Street investing and lays to rest many of the fears that are often a result of speculative investing. Selengut describes in detail the precise characteristics of what makes a sound investment in very reasonable and simple terms: a guide to investing, clearly illustrating to the reader how to go about investing comfortably in an uncomfortable investment world."

"This "action" book is designed to help you understand the investments you have made, are currently making, or are considering making. An investor must determine the purpose of the portfolio so that he may accurately gauge the successes of it. There is something for every type of investor in "Brainwashing". 

The purpose of this book is to make you re-think the way you look at the performance of your portfolio. You will be replacing the transaction generating “Wall Street” method with one that is about 1,000% more personalized.

Reviewed by: F B, Oakhurst, Texas

I have been reading your books and have been totally enthralled and entertained by your revelations.  You are absolutely answering many, many questions I have had about Wall Street and the money game.  Your methods and philosophies mesh so closely with mine that it is amazing.  I am speaking of all areas of life.  What you teach and practice will work in any area of your life; the foundational principles.  I have fretted and worried and sought for an answer to what I would do in my retirement with what money I had, and to find one who operates as you do, was quite frankly, an answer to prayer.  I know you are not perfect, but you apply a word to what you do that is very near to the top of my list as vital to success, and that is consistency.  I was a professional pitcher for 17 years, five in the Major Leagues, and found that my biggest weapon was consistency of command.  If I couldn't command whatever "stuff" I had, then it was no good.  Which leads me to your spreadsheet, and worksheet items.  It's very easy to see that if you don't have your information organized and ready, then you can't take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.  We also have another trait in common, and that is frankness.  I like that.   By the way, I lived in New Jersey when I played for the Yankees.    (12/01/01)

Reviewed by: Kim's Reviews 

"Brainwashing" by Steven R. Selengut is so full of information that it's a good thing it's also in E-book format.  You can pull it up on your computer at the same time as implementing it on your database.  Steven makes even me feel like: "I can do this." This is a book that starts with laying your foundation in investing and ending with managing your investments and money.  Give it a try.  I dare you to take a chance and see what You can do with Your money.  

Thanks for the copy of your new book, I picked it up the other day and I couldn't put it down!  It really is an insightful and entertaining book, it makes you think about what you're doing...a great book for all levels of investors.  I can testify that, even through all the dot com hype, every time I spoke to you, you never swayed from your beliefs (discipline) and you were right.  Ray V, Long Valley, NJ (02/02)