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Sanco Services' Investment Management Business

Since Congress passed the Financial Services Reform Act of 2010/2011, Sanco Services Inc. determined that it could no longer operate profitably without raising client fees substantially. To avoid passing on these increased costs to our customers, a business decision was made to operate under the umbrella of a larger firm --- first as a sub-advisor, and eventually as an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative).

As a sub-advisor, Sanco Services Inc. conducts its business through Mid Atlantic Financial Management and LMK Wealth Management. LMK is located in Stuart, FL and is the same entity that was used when Sanco was operating as an RIA. Sanco Services is no longer an RIA and has no disclosure information of our own to provide to prospective clients.

Financial Website Warning Label

Disclaimers and warnings that apply to the information on this and any other financial website you might bump into.

ADV Form Part II ( Mid Atlantic Financial Management)

This is a Disclosure Form that must be provided to all Clients and Prospective clients by RIAs. It is part of the registration form that all Registered Investment Advisors must file with the SEC and keep updated on a regular basis. 

To obtain a copy of the latest version of the MAFM ADV II, please contact Amie Snyder at  LMK Wealth Management (asnyder-at-LMKWealth-dot-com). A copy will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

Sanco Services is no longer required to register with the SEC, or with an state departments. Consequently, there is no IARD/CRD information available for your review. Sanco's activities are now supervised by MAFM.